Time to Re-Tire – Zoom, Zoom!

By Chuck Hall

I hit 55 this year, and decided it’s time to re-tire. It’s something I’ve seen others do, and do well – so I figured “Why not?” It’s my time.

Now lest you think I’m heading for a life of gardening, golf and gaming, please note that I said re-tire. NOT retire. Here’s how I look at it:

Chuck Hall Re-Tire

I grew up working in a family car repair business, so as I’ve reflected over the past year or so on what I’d like to do with my life and career going forward re-tiring became a great frame for me to use. We had customers who would run their tires until the cords were showing through. This was not safe, did not provide a good ride, and offered a false economy when you factored in the danger, increased fuel costs and risk of being stuck along the side of the road.

Having seen the poor performance this approach yielded, I was always one to replace my own tires well before they were worn out. Yes, some may say that I am leaving good tread on the table with this approach, but it worked for me.

My wife, Amy, and I decided earlier this year that we were both ready for changes – some big changes, so here’s what we’re doing:

We sold the house where we had made our home for the past 16 plus years in Doylestown PA. This was a tough decision. We purchased a house in Conyers, Georgia, 40 minutes Southeast of Atlanta. This is an exciting decision, as we are now enjoying a smaller, “right-sized” home, much lower taxes and no mortgage. (It’s going to take us awhile to get settled in!)

Amy left her job of six years in retail business management, and is working with me in my business endeavors. She has a fantastic background is social services, sales, insurance underwriting and business management – all of which make her a great partner to work with!

I’ve transitioned much of my business to be conducted via phone and online conferencing. I will also be traveling back to the Philadelphia area twice per month to conduct business face-to-face with current (and future!) clients. And I’m diving into the greater Atlanta business community – which looks really interesting!

All of this change presents a great opportunity for me to sharpen my expression of what I do. How many of us who work in the entrepreneurial realm get the question from our family and friends, “What exactly do you do?”? So here it is:

I coach business owners and leaders to help them solve problems and make their businesses more successful.

So how am I doing this?

For the past year, I have enjoyed working with Mike Krupit and Joe Spinelli as part of Trajectify, an innovative business coaching group that Mike founded several years ago. I am continuing to work with Trajectify, and we are developing some exciting plans for the future.

Since 2010, I have been working with The Gabriel Institute to offer Teamability to businesses to help improve teamwork within their organizations. I am continuing to offer Teamability, and am expanding the services I offer related to Teamability. (Stay tuned for more to come on this!)

Last year, I pulled together an amazing team of professionals under the banner “Biz Allies.” Biz Allies is a group of trusted experts I can confidently recommend to businesses in need of a variety of services. I am ramping up the time I will be spending with Biz Allies to help connect these amazing professionals with businesses that need their services.

So what am I not doing, so that I have time to focus on my core work of coaching business owners and leaders? Back in 2007, I started Your Marketing Exec, a marketing consulting firm. Over time, I grew the range of services offered through Your Marketing Exec to include websites, promotional campaigns, public relations and more. Going forward, I will continue to support existing clients, but I will be referring new marketing work to my Biz Allies team.

Some of you who have read other things I’ve written or have heard me speak may know that I am a big fan of a concept I learned from reading business visionary Tom Peters years ago. It’s based on the Hindu concept of God the Creator, God the Preserver, and God the Destroyer. Essentially, for the best things in our lives to thrive and new things to grow, we need to let go of some old things to which we have become attached. It’s a very natural approach that we can see in our gardens. Good things need nourishment and room to grow.

I have let go of old things, and I’m ready to go. I’m now re-tired – and ready to go. Zoom, zoom!

Your Business Allies is a service of Your Marketing Exec, LLC