Patti Dalessio

Patti DalessioPatti Dalessio is a Digital Marketing Strategist who’s passionate about Online Lead Generation.

She helps grow your business by optimizing how it’s shown in search results from Google & Bing. She develops strategies and organizes marketing efforts to drive targeted and qualified visitors to your website, in order to convert those visitors into clients and customers!

Strategies Include:

  • Search Engine Optimization [SEO] Technical and on-site optimization, including, assessing how search engines “see” your website and rank you in search results.
  • Search Marketing Campaigns [SEM] with Google AdWords and Bing Ads. This involves selecting targeted keyword to bid on, management of budgets and the development of the Pay-Per-Click ads.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization [Are you designed to convert?] This answers the question, why isn’t your website converting visitors into leads and what is the plan to “fix it”. This could include anything from message clarity, page Call-to-Action, and assessing “attention ratio”.
  • Attribution Tracking [Track EVERYTHING!] from phone calls to click throughs, it is important to gather data to inform business decisions. By tracking paid, organic and social links you can set performance goals, fine tune demographic marketing decisions and monitor ROI.
  • Website Redesign Strategy [Plan ahead. Don’t lose your Search Ranking]. Did you know, redesigning your website can screw-up your current ranking? It’s important to be proactive and “Search focused” when planning a redesign.

Patti has a BS in Information Systems from Drexel University’s College of Computing and Informatics. Reinvent Interactive, Inc., founded in 2011, follows Patti’s illustrious career with Sapient Corporation, where she delivered solutions for a range of prestigious clients including Goldman Sachs, LEGO, GUCCI and United Airlines.

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